How To Make A Good Thesis Statement In 2019

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The work on a research paper starts with the choice of topic. It can be chosen by a student independently or recommended by a teacher who will supervise all the process in the subsequent. The work on the research paper is a research work on the disclosure of the topic that is relevant at the moment. The commission focuses on the introduction and conclusion of the work, as they reflect aspects of the topic. When writing the "introduction", the student is given the main task to determine the purpose and objectives of the work.

Definition of what’s a thesis statement

It is not a secret that many students simply do not fully understand the concept of the words "goal" and "task". In this regard, the narrative misses the main idea and the work loses its meaning.

The introduction is an overview of the whole work. It reflects the main information that has been collected and studied by the student. The introduction should list the goals and objectives, so it is recommended to write it at the very end, when the whole project is ready. So, it will be easier for the student to correctly start writing thesis statements.

The purpose of the work = the topic of the project. This is a little secret that can help the student in determining the goal. The student's task is to determine it accurately. The topic (purpose) is considered in general terms if there are no other recommendations from the curator of the project. The goal will be achieved by solving certain tasks. An additional goal for the student is to increase the theoretical knowledge through its application in practice with its subsequent systematization.

The tasks are the methods, the ways to achieve the goal. There can be several tasks. If the thesis statement is clearly stated in the title of the diploma project, the student must determine the problem itself.

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At this stage, many students make one, but a very big mistake. Students often pay attention to the fact that the work is a research and should contain independent conclusions and recommendations, that’s why they show a lot of creativity in it, forgetting about the main aspect that the graduation project is also a scientific work. Despite their own discoveries, the students are obliged to adhere to a clear structure on the basis of which they will fill the work with the context.

How to write a thesis statement for a research paper

Regardless of the topic, the purpose of the work, we can identify the main tasks in the work:
  • The student must develop a system of actions that will further help to implement the process of achieving the goal.
  • Organize the work process, that is, develop an action plan.
  • You need to find information to achieve the goal and solve the problem. It is necessary to study all relevant literature and other sources containing useful information.
  • Select only the basic information.
  • You should write and issue your thesis strictly in accordance with established state standards, taking into account the recommendations of the university specified in the manuals. This requires constant consultation with the project manager.

When defining tasks, remember that they must be closely related to the goal, that is, to the theme of the project. At the same time, the tasks should be related to each other. Each task has a logical conclusion of thoughts with the given solutions, which were created by you and according to the dogma, that is the immutable truth in any question.

By the way, this truth is the purpose of the work. This means that the theme of the project should not be challenged or questioned. On the contrary, the student is desirable to find additional methods, ways to improve it.

Additional points about what makes a good thesis statement

Some students are puzzled by examples where several goals are considered in the works, but there is only one topic. The matter is that the considered task can have at once several points of consideration or in other words, one subject has several sides. It is necessary to consider the issue from several sides for full disclosure of the topic. Each consideration (each purpose) has several decisions. Each face is a separate chapter, with the methods of solutions given to it. This is the versatility that characterizes students only from the best side.

This approach is important for students who plan to continue their studies, for example, in postgraduate schools. Future postgraduate students and doctors use their theses as a basis of the topic of their future projects or thesis statement for argumentative essay.

The topic should be advanced, that it is of paramount importance at the moment. Literature sources should contain information that is not older than five years.

Depending on the direction of the goal, the number of tasks is from 5 or more. Tasks are usually formulated with words such as" learn"," explore"," develop " and so on, that is, they are defined using verbs.

The main purpose and objectives are stated not only in the introduction, but also in the final part, indicating the result.

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